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High Impact Spatial Analytics for Healthcare Providers

Health Systems and Hospitals are focused on making strategic investments in real-time analytics and expanding their integrated systems, from wellness & prevention to diagnosis & treatment.

About Client

A non-profit integrated delivery system that includes few outpatient health centers, imaging centers and surgery centers in US. An innovator in healthcare delivery, the Health System focuses on evidence-based, best practices thus gaining widespread recognition for its unique approach to health care. The Health system has been rapidly growing and has a number of systems that support its clinical, financial and operational needs.


Business Challenges:

  • Insufficient information on coverage provided by physicians, specialties and healthcare facilities to patient population of contracted employers and payers

  • Abundant healthcare data was being generated but there was no defined mechanism to analyze this data to drive decision-making

  • Business Development team needed to quickly identify network of providers to support healthcare needs of prospective employers

Technical Challenges:

  • The Health System had large volumes of healthcare data from disparate sources at their disposal. However, faced the challenge of consolidating this data onto a single platform

  • Lack of geo-enabled data and intelligence provided by spatial analytics to improve healthcare services

  • Ample amounts of time and manual effort spent on excel spreadsheet based analysis

High Impact Spatial Analytics Healthcare Apps

The healthcare system implemented a solution that brings the power of SAP HANA and Esri’s ArcGIS together. The solution enabled spatial analytics of primary and specialist care coverage in a healthcare network – the number one concern of prospective customers such as employers and payers. Using this solution, the Health System could better demonstrate and communicate with prospective customers on the coverage and accessibility of their healthcare networks via intuitive maps and associated reports.

Data from disparate sources was consolidated into SAP HANA platform to leverage SAP HANA’s data processing capabilities. The innovative solution provided the tools for spatial analytics and visualization for effective planning and coverage analysis through a set of use cases delivered as web applications.The platform had the following components integrated with the applications:

  • SAP HANA – To manage and process vast amounts of data from diverse sources and for geospatial data processing

  • Esri ArcGIS – To provide maps, demographic data and advanced spatial analysis tools

Provider Network Adequacy Analysis: ‘Provider Network Adequacy Analysis’ empowered the Health System with real-time analysis of coverage area at any given point. Payers can now control the cost and meet demands of the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) by ensuring appointments & accessibility to physicians in proximity. They can also demonstrate and communicate with prospective customers on the coverage and accessibility of their healthcare network. This analytical scenario allowed planning for provider capacity expansion or relocation, along with an immediate report of its estimated impact. All this comes with an option to generate business reports related to Provider Coverage and Provider Network Adequacy.

Market Benchmarking & Trend Analysis: ‘Market Benchmarking & Trend Analysis’ enabled the Health System to analyze the current market share and existing c

ompetition from an outside-in perspective and gain actionable insights to help devise more focused strategies. Discharge data of partner hospitals and competitor hospitals was leveraged to compare discharge patterns and analyze market share. Additionally, the solution facilitated market share shift temporal analysis based on hospitals, hospital boundaries, geo-cluster boundaries.

Impact & Benefits

Stakeholders Empowerment: The implemented solution added new value to several divisions within the Health System by reducing time spent on data compilation and analysis:-

  • Business Development Team can identify prospective employers by region and drive more business by successfully demonstrating high accessibility to affiliated providers for their healthcare needs.

  • Population Health Management Team can spatially analyze and ensure that physicians, specialists and facilities are available in proximity to employee/patient population.

  • Leadership Team can visualize dashboards to gain insights on ACO quality parameters, patient satisfaction, readmission rates at all times ensuring success of innovative value based health plan.

Business Outcomes

  • The Health System supports the triple aim of improving population health, reducing the cost of healthcare and improving patient experience & outcomes. Spatial Analytics facilitates better understanding of its healthcare network to identify gaps and opportunities

  • Analysis turnaround time of weeks reduced to minutes

  • Frequent contractual financial rewards/incentives for providing value based care

  • Employers and Payers are able to ensure maximum healthcare coverage and accessibility needs for their employees/patient population

  • Employees and Patient Population are benefited through readily available and relevant healthcare services, anytime and anywhere

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