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Integrating EAM with GIS for Efficient Asset Management

Regular auditing & maintenance is imperative for verifying the conditions of your organization’s utility assets. Utility engineers continuously look at service/repair requests raised in case of damaged assets, provide needed repair help to close the service requisition and monitor health of the assets continuously to be ready with service plans. Advanced geo-enabled asset management solution makes the process simple, reduces costs and risk, as well as enhances customer service. It removes the unnecessary steps from the daily operation & makes it more efficient as well as quick.

Geo-enablement of work order lifecycle management workflow of EAM brought benefits – from increased productivity to reduced operational cost.

The Challenges

There were multiple challenges faced by the work force while managing the lifecycle for its assets, including:

  • Limited utilization of ‘EAM’ and ‘GIS’ systems

  • Time consuming task of locating assets on ground by on-field staff, especially with utilities covering vast geographical areas

  • Wastage of time while capturing the work order details on paper and raising the service request/notification on EAM system in the office

  • No real-time tracking of assets audits and services performed were maintained

  • Lack of analytical tools to monitor health of assets & create service plan in advance

  • Possibility of data duplication in GIS and EAM system

  • Innumerable hours of efforts spent in data maintenance in different systems

Solution Provided

Integrating EAM and GIS enabled the integrated business processes across the organization offering a few notable features such as:

  • GIS integrated with EAM system in real time via cloud based solution

  • Bi-directional data update – from GIS to EAM System and from EAM System to GIS

  • Visualize assets on the map with comprehensive information

  • Raise and process service requisitions in the EAM system directly from the map

  • Check the status of all services requests raised on the map in real-time

  • Map based analytical tools to view service history and monitor asset health

  • Seamless analysis of the information available on ERP system via GIS

  • Supports to field staff to identify the assets on ground using mobile devices

  • Configurable & intuitive symbology based on status, date, etc. of notifications and work-orders


"Hydrant audits were completed in record time"

Saved Time & Increased Productivity

  • Improved visualization due to location reference

  • Easy locating the asset and raising service request

  • Enhanced coverage of assets in less time

  • Ability to update data & initiate workflows wither from GIS or ERP System

Efficient Work Order Management System

  • Improved accuracy due to no/minimal data duplication

  • Monitoring asset health on map

Reduced Operational Cost

  • Decision support to plan service activities in a particular geographical area

  • Awareness on service history of assets to prepare future service plans

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