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Geoenabling the Modern Water Utility:
Integrating Esri and SAP in the Cloud

Download your complimentary copy to know:

  • How did Loudan Water identify  Spatialitics as the perfect fit for Esri-SAP integration?

  • How Unity Engine helped Loudoun Water to synchronize in real-time its data between a GIS System (ESRI ArcGIS) and an Asset Management System(SAP)?

  • How does Spatialitics securely connect  the three (Esri, SAP, and Spatialitics) cloud environments?

Download a copy of the report


Spatialitics LLC is a fully owned subsidiary of CyberTech and specializes in providing spatial analytics products and platforms. Spatialitics’ cloud-based approach to digitalization delivers operational excellence and field user delight. The company covers a wide range of industries, including health, public safety, and utilities - all with zero footprints.

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